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HI-VIBE is a superfood juicery committed to providing its customers with products that have been formulated for specific functional purpose, using only the highest quality ingredients possible. Our current offerings include cold-pressed juices, acai & pitaya bowls, superfood smoothies, KETo Coffee, chaga & matcha teas, grass-fed activated bone broth, and a variety of high frequency salads & snacks. Our management team takes an unprecedented approach by personally selecting all of our produce & superfood ingredients. Effectively, this means no "middle men". We take tremendous pride in providing products that help you to look & feel your very best—focused, energized & radiant!

In Fall of 2014, HI-VIBE opened its flagship store in Chicago's vibrant River North neighborhood. This marked our first step in bringing honest, delicious, nutrient-dense nourishment to Chicagoland. Soon after earning a loyal customer base, Hi-Vibe opened the doors to a second location inside the iconic Merchandise Mart in June of 2017. We'll Hi-Five to that!


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Eat Travel Rock host, Kelly Rizzo, explores HI-VIBE Superfood Juicery in Chicago and finds out what makes them the very best juice and health food spot in the city.

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We take tremendous pride in providing our guests with sustenance that helps facilitate optimal health and peak performance.  By using only the highest quality ingredients, our goods promote mental clarity, reduced inflammation, enhanced fat-burning, muscle recovery, and overall well-being.

Every menu item is crafted in-house using intentional methods of formulation to ensure maximum nutrient absorption and functionality. We soak our nuts and seeds because it makes them easier to digest, and it makes their nutrients more readily available.  We use medicinal quality superfood ingredients such as adaptogenic plants like ashwaganda, gelatinized maca, chaga, and shizandra berry. Adaptogens help the body function optimally during times of stress while providing energy and building immunity. Other ingredients like camu camu, oil of oregano, turmeric curcumin, and matcha help combat modern toxicity by assisting with detoxification, inflammation, and stress.

The HI-VIBE team formulates products to enhance their natural medicinal benefits. We combine our medicinal grade turmeric curcumin with black pepper extract to enhance its therapeutic anti-inflammatory properties. We blend our toxin-free coffee with vitamin rich grass-fed butter and organic MCT oil to facilitate a fat-burning and brain-boosting effect.



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