HI-VIBE is Seeking a

Culinary Operations Manager

If you have a passion for clean vibrant living, are eager to help others to achieve their best self, are interested in mastering high frequency food preparation and technique, while growing and applying your leadership skills, keep reading!

Summary // Job Description

As HI-VIBE's Culinary Operations Manager, you will support and improve the fast-casual restaurant experience at all HI-VIBE locations. Bringing revolutionary health recipes to fruition, and optimizing kitchen operations in a high-volume, fast-casual cafe experience, you will prepare and serve the City of Chicago some of the healthiest, life-enriching foods ever conceived.

Working with HI-VIBE's unparalleled standards for ingredient quality, sourcing, and health-boosting benefits, you'll be responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining all menus and recipes at HI-VIBE, as well as the purchasing, preparation, presentation, and service of our menu.

You will be expected to hire, train, supervise, and develop a growth-minded team of culinary managers and hourly staff, preparing them for expansive multi-location growth. You'll work closely with HI-VIBE leadership in setting the direction of the business in day-to-day operations, to execute plans that grow the business, drive sales, and manage costs by closely monitoring all financial aspects of the HI-VIBE kitchen and Back of House (BOH).


HI-VIBE - the elite organic superfood juicery in Chicago’s River North - is adding a Culinary Operations Manager to lead our BOH kitchen and production teams. We’re looking for a true team player who is experienced in high-volume systematic production, running a kitchen, and meeting new challenges. HI-VIBE is an evolved, performance-driven, quality of life company with 2 storefront locations in River North; on Kinzie and inside the historic Merchandise Mart, with 2 new locations to come; in Lakeview and Chicago’s world-famous Mag Mile.

HI-VIBE takes an unparalleled approach to ingredient selection, sourcing, and recipe formulation, featuring deeply nourishing categories like bone broth, mushroom tea, keto coffee, and low-sugar, anti-inflammatory organic juice blends. This is Founder Nick Boskovich’s vision of what the ultimate day-fuel should look like, blending traditional and progressive dietary philosophies; including paleo, vegan, ayurvedic, and ketogenic.

HI-VIBE refers to high frequency foods, aimed at helping our customers to look, feel, and perform at their very best. The juice, smoothie, açaí, tonic, broth and cleanse programs are crafted by Nick and showcase the highest quality organic produce, adaptogens, medicinal-grade herbs, and fully pastured animal products.

Duties // Responsibilities

Operations, Standards, & Compliance:

  • Develop new products, recipes, and product categories in alignment with HI-VIBE's values and standards.

  • Develop and maintain recipe books prescribing ingredients, product specifications, and portion sizes, communicating all necessary changes and updates to staff.

  • Develop scalable procedures for all kitchen duties and food handling, including dry goods, tonics, bottling, storage, safety, sanitation, preparation, production, consistency, and presentation.

  • Maintain food quality standards and adherence to kitchen operating procedures, ensuring BOH employees adhere to the same policies and procedures.

  • Meet daily with appropriate Managers and Leads to coordinate and ensure production needs, standards, determine items to sample, review kitchen personnel needs and issues, catering/event needs, etc.

  • Identify and communicate inventory and equipment needs, managing inventory purchasing and ordering of food products, restaurant supplies, and machine maintenance, including quality inspection and assurance.

  • Become proficient in all functions of HI-VIBE production and store operations.

  • Understand, implement, enforce, and follow the food allergy procedure and special orders/restrictions.

  • Track high cost item usage, improving processes to reduce waste and loss.

  • Implement and enforce equipment maintenance schedules.

  • Maintain a clean and orderly work area.

Management & Leadership:

  • Manage, direct, and supervise BOH employees on a daily basis in a fair and dignified manner.

  • Interview, train, develop and retain qualified culinary/BOH management and hourly employees.

  • Train, coach, and develop culinary management team and hourly staff in relevant areas, including HI-VIBE culture, kitchen systems, policies and procedures, operational, food, and financial knowledge, and personal growth, interpersonal skills, and organizational techniques.

  • Assign and manage production and personnel schedules, daily agendas, and kitchen duties.

  • Schedule, conduct, and document employee performance reviews according to HI-VIBE standards.

  • Identify, address, and document individual employee performance issues according to standard operating procedure. Rectify and/or resolve personnel situations as necessary, according to HI-VIBE procedures.

  • Opening new locations and training new staff.



  • Reside in Chicago, IL.

  • Are team-oriented, lead ethically, and manage team performance with humility.

  • Demonstrate integrity, tact, diplomacy, and commitment to HI-VIBE's values.

  • Can present ideas and directions that lead others to action.

  • Possess excellent delegation, communication, organization, and time management skills.

  • Can put ego aside, accept direction and constructive criticism, and work hands-on and where needed, alongside the staff, with a pleasant and positive attitude.

  • Have the ability to “think on your feet” and stay organized in an inherently adaptive environment.

  • Adhere to strict safety and food handling policies, personally maintaining all legal compliances, and reinforcing your team to follow suite.

  • Take safety extremely seriously, especially in environments with stairs, utensils and heavy machinery, and uneven and slick surfaces.

  • Are available for a flexible schedule, including weekends, holidays, day and evening shifts, and increased production schedules.

  • Are comfortable working in a confined, crowded space of variable noise and temperature levels.

  • Can lift and move up to 25 pounds, and frequently lift and/or move up to 50 pounds.

  • Are able to stand and walk for an entire shift.

  • Must successfully pass a drug and alcohol test within 90 days of hire date, where applicable.

Education & Experience

  • 3+ years of Chef experience in a high-volume catering, packaged foods, meal delivery, juice, or restaurant operation.

  • 3+ year kitchen management or leadership experience.

  • Reading, writing, and comprehension of English language required.

Benefits Offered

  • Competitive pay.

  • Employee discounts.

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois group medical plan.

  • Advancement and potential equity opportunities.

  • Paid Time Off including holiday, vacation, and sick days.

JUICIFY, INC. retains ownership of all recipes, menus, and processes developed during employment.

JUICIFY, INC. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.