Eating foods with high cellular energy and powerful compounds ensures a lifestyle full of rockin' energy and flow. "Hi-Vibe" represents the high frequency vibrations we get from eating live foods. Our mission is to provide you with high frequency sustenance that empowers you, fuels your productivity, and brings out the superhero in you.


Once you've tasted a cup of this high performance coffee, you won't be wondering anything except how have I lived so long without this coffee? Bulletproof coffee is a frothy combination of organic, no-toxin,low-mold coffee blended with organic butter from grass-fed cows and Brain Octane MCT oil, extracted from coconut oil. We have all sorts of innovative combos inspired by the original recipe, and we offer a vegan version made with coconut milk instead of butter. HI-VIBE is the only place in Chicago using the lab-tested Bulletproof line of ingredients.

The Beans: A cup of true Bulletproof coffee starts with the meticulously selected, harvested, and processed coffee beans that are sourced intentionally to eliminate mold toxins commonly found in coffee—this is a major differentiating factor that sets Bulletproof coffee apart from the rest. Mold toxins can have sneaky consequences in our bodies, affecting our daily lives and productivity. They are extremely prominent in cacao beans and coffee beans because of the ways the crops are grown, harvested, dried, and roasted. Bulletproof actually tests each batch of beans for mold toxins before packaging for sale. The reason this all matters is because mold toxins can slow us down, make us feel groggy, crash harder after drinking coffee, encourage headaches, foggy thinking, and create countless other consequences that are caused by the body's inflammatory response.

The Butter: The brewed coffee is blended with unsalted grass-fed butter, instead of cream because butter contains nearly zero of the allergens commonly found in other dairy products like lactose and casein. Grass-fed butter, in particular, is full of important fat soluble vitamins that are absent in most other foods, and short-chain fatty acids that reduce inflammation and promote brain function and gut health. Adding butter to hot drinks is a longstanding tradition in many parts of the world. This creamer alternative gives the body a longer lasting source of energy. In fact, Most bulletproof drinkers will willingly skip breakfast with butter coffee because the body is satisfied and cravings are drastically diminished.

Brain Octane MCTs: Possibly our favorite attributes in this coffee is the Bulletproof Brain Octane MCT oil. This particular type of MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglyceride oil) isolates the most brain-boosting fats from the heart of a coconut or palm fruit. MCTs digest quickly, without getting stored as fat, forcing ketone production which provides an alternate source of energy the body craves. Ketones are known to promote weight loss and energize your cells for better mental clarity and overall energy. Blended together with the coffee and butter, this yields the perfect, frothy cup of productivity.


Quality is our obsession. Most businesses use cost as the first determining factor in order to maximize profit. Hi-Vibe’s highest priorities are quality of service, and quality nutrition; not cost. Quality of service is overlooked by other juice bar operations, often leaving a knowledgable customer disappointed because the staff is unable to provide the information they seek. At Hi-Vibe you can expect to find team members who care about the details. We’re so committed to a knowledgeable team that we pay highly competitive wages ranging from $11-$20/hour. Our raving yelp reviews will show you, there are familiar faces at our counter that eat, sleep, and breathe this Hi-Vibe-lifestyle. Basically, our team lives with their “Vibes On Hi” so you can too.

When it comes to quality nutrition, we are developing standards that other juice bars don’t even consider. We use the ingredients created by nature, unprocessed, minimally processed, or processed in house for the freshest result with the lowest amount of toxins; each ingredient methodically treated to give you the maximum nutrition.

Here's am example of how HI-VIBE differs from the rest: other juice bars give you half of an acai pack in your acai bowls, while HI-VIBE makes your acai bowls with 2 full packs! Our house-made granola is made with sprouted nuts and seeds to assimilate better digestion, nutrient absorption, and lower toxins. We also make it grain-free, paleo, and vegan. It’s dehydrated for over 24 hours—instead of roasted—making it a raw live food, full of those hi-vibrational nutrients we love. Other juice bars make standard granolas with un-sprouted ingredients, high sugar content, and roasting temps that damage some of those healthy fats. At Hi-Vibe, there are far too many corners we are not willing to cut. Because of this mentality, you can order from us knowing we care about your nutrition as much as you do…or more.

Here are some of our HI-VIBE standards:

  • 100% Gluten Free

  • 100% Soy Free

  • 100% Free of GMOs

  • 100% Alkaline R/O Water

  • 100% Raw Local Honey

  • Hand Selected Organic Produce

  • 100% Grass-Fed Organic Butter

  • Sprouted/Germinated Nuts + Seeds

  • Paleo-, Keto-, Vegan-, AIP- Compliant Menu

  • ZERO White or Brown Sugar, Cane Sugar, or Agave

  • ZERO Industrial Seed Oils (like Canola Oil)

  • 100% Cold Pressed or Masticated Organic Juice

  • 100% Grass-fed Beef + Pastured Chicken Bone Broth

  • 100% Bulletproof Brand Coffee & Brain Octane MCT Oil

  • Medicinal Grade Essential Oils, Spices + Extracts


It's easy to join, it's free, and it's awesome. Every time you order something off the HI-VIBE menu, in our store, you accumulate points. And signup is easy! Simply provide your full name, phone number, and email when you make your first purchase, and we'll take it from there! Every juice and smoothie gets you 100 points, smoothie bowls get you 120 points, and coffee and tonics get you between 30 and 50 points. Once you hit 1300 points you can redeem it for a drink/item priced up to $11!


Yup! We deliver in Chicago via Postmates. You can head over to postmates.com or get free delivery on all orders over $20 when you use the Postmates App. Download the app here.