The Grass-Fed Difference



Grass-grazers are nutrient-makers

At Hi-Vibe we emphasize the importance of quality butter, broth, eggs, whey, and collagen by sourcing them from animals raised on organic pasture, and living the life nature intended.  

Is it worth all the trouble?

If we’re talkin’ about nutrition here, when compared to conventional or factory-farmed products, grass-fed and pasture-raised takes the WIN. Hands down. The proof is in the fat…the grass-fed golden tint you see in our butter, the fat on a grass-fed ribeye, in a pastured egg yolk, represents the invaluable nutrients present in such an honorable product (not to mention all the toxins we’re avoiding).  

A cow’s lifestyle of eating grass generates precious vitamins like K2 and true Vitamin A; also balancing omega-3’s, which are essential for the health of a strong, resilient human being. Grass-fed fats also contain far more CLA, or Conjugated Linoleic Acid, which is a potent cancer-fighter. And these animals living outdoors, roaming free, exercising their body, in turn produce higher amounts of collagen—the very essence of our grass-fed bone broth.

Did you know that chickens are omnivores?

They evolved eating a diet of worms, bugs, and grubs; protein sources that aren't provided in a factory farm diet. These pasture-raised chickens eat a variety of grasses and weeds, intaking all sorts of hi-vibing plant power (instead of chemical pesticides and herbicides in a typical grain-based feed). And the vitamin D from sunlight helps them manufacture crucial minerals, like calcium, that make their eggshells strong and their body resilient. Side Note: Has anyone watched a chicken who first gets exposed to sunlight? They sprawl their wings out while lying down, spreading their legs and toes, trying to get every inch of their chicken body exposed to the sun. They NEED it. (I so wish I had a picture of that)

What if we look at an even bigger picture?

Animals raised outdoors, under the sun, eating their native diet, are living the good life. The farmers who raise them care about their well-being, care about the environment, and work MUCH harder to provide them with this natural lifestyle. They avoid growth hormones, antibiotics, and needless medication—which in turn gives the animals’ immune system a chance to thrive, and leaves us with an antioxidant-rich food. These farmers also understand that rotational grazing is better for the environment, helping to revive the Earth’s precious soil.  

Time honored methods like pasture-raised farming simply cannot be matched by industrialized shortcuts. Balanced bodies & ecosystems depend on these traditional practices. And that's why grass-fed is so Hi-Vibe.

Always pasture-raised, always organic. 


Written by: Marisa Moon, HI-VIBE Research & Development, Content Curator, Primal Health Coach