Maximize the Power of Matcha

Presenting the HI-VIBE Matcha Vatte...

hi-vibe matcha vatte

...a Bulletproof-style, vegan latte worthy of the phrase 'But first, Matcha'

Matcha has been prized for centuries for its protective, combatting, detoxifying powers. It is cultivated with special growing techniques to maximize the chlorophyll content, and processed delicately to grind the whole tea leaf into powder. Drinking Matcha is like consuming green tea in concentrated form; you’d have to drink 10 cups of green tea to get close to the benefits of 1 cup of matcha.  
What are some of these benefits?  
The most well-known and powerful benefits are plant chemicals referred to as EGCG.  EGCG in matcha is present in amounts so high that it is believe to help prevent cancer.  You can count on EGCG to activate detoxification enzymes like glutathione, and it also protects your cells from DNA damage which causes premature aging and disease.  
Matcha is recognized for its ability to increase your metabolism and help burn fat, all while encouraging normal blood-sugar regulation.  Perhaps the relaxed alertness we achieve when drinking matcha is thanks to the amino acid L-Theanine which is known for it’s anti-anxiety effects on mood, concentration and emotional balance.

Photo by @YogawithMar

Photo by @YogawithMar

HI-VIBE’s exemplary, organic matcha is carefully selected for maximum potency and stature.  

We blend this fine matcha powder with organic Coconut Butter, and Brain Octane Oil to create a zen latte that has proven capabilities to promote concentration, satiety, and help you reach a state of relaxed alertness.  
Coconut butter, AKA coconut manna, is high in lauric acid; an antiviral, anti-fungal, antibacterial fatty acid needed to boost long-term immunity and brain function.  We take brain function optimization to another level by blending your matcha with Brain Octane Oil.  Brain Octane is Bulletproof’s version of concentrated MCTs (medium chain triglyceride fats), extracted from sustainable coconut oil.  It is 18x stronger than coconut oil when it comes to MCTs, and it is 100% caprylic acid.  Caprylic acid is important for a healthy gut, and rapidly turns to ketones which feed our brain instant energy.  That's why they call it Brain Octane.    
Sound powerful?  That’s because it is.  Matcha holds a coveted spot on our Tonic Bar menu ranging everywhere from a Basic, ceremonial-grade Hot Matcha, all the way to a Matcha Boss and a Cacao Collagen Matcha.

Give your body and mind the boost they need, and maximize the power of Matcha with HI-VIBE.

Written by: Marisa Moon, HI-VIBE Research & Recipe Developer, Primal Health Coach