A Hi-Vibe Case Against Sugar

Everywhere you turn it’s sugar and more sugar. 

Take a bite out of our sugar-free keto pie

Take a bite out of our sugar-free keto pie

Not at Hi-Vibe

We’re committed to ZERO Refined Sugar, Cane Sugar, Brown Sugar, and even Agave (a health-food imposter). We take things a step further by offering you keto-friendly, sugar-free solutions like birch tree xylitol and organic stevia, along with a growing list of ketogenic menu items.

In fact, you can ask us to hack any smoothie or tonic on the menu to fit your low-carb, sugar-free lifestyle.

There’s no questions about it, sugar is addictive.

It’s inflammatory and meant to be consumed sparingly, in whole-food form. We’re hard-wired to enjoy sweet food because it provided the quick-energy and fat-storage properties our ancient relatives needed to survive harsh conditions and upcoming winters.

Times have changed, wouldn’t ya say? Now most people have never gone a day without sugar, and most sugar hardly resembles the food it originated from. A sugary, high carb lifestyle equals chronically high insulin—which means accelerated fat storage, uncontrollable cravings & appetite, hormonal disruption, and a propensity towards disease (nothing Hi-Vibe about that). 

But hey, we’re all human. It’s only natural to desire something sweet every now and then. Fortunately, cutting out sugar is still possible when you swap it out for smart sugar-free alternatives. Ask your Hi-Vibe staff to Keto hack on your next smoothie! Or, dig in to our Keto Pies, Kinetic Lemonade, or Keto Acai Bowl.

Check this out:

Keto Acai Bowl at Hi-Vibe. Photo by VibeTribe Creative

Keto Acai Bowl at Hi-Vibe. Photo by VibeTribe Creative

Get ready to burn some fat for fuel with the Hi-Vibe Keto Bowl.
Keto, short for Ketosis, is a state of fat burning that's achieved by lowering carbohydrates, and feeding the body foods that encourage fat-loss. Just when no one thought a smoothie bowl could be low carb, we go ahead and make you one of these. The Keto Acai Bowl is a welcome way to feed the common sweet tooth, without the usual carb load—we're counting 20g of net carbs here and only 4 grams of sugar...Yeah! We’ve achieved this by blending the frozen acai berry with house-cracked coconut meat, silky avocado, keto-supportive Brain Octane MCT Oil, raw cacao, and a tinge of keto-friendly sweeteners like stevia and birch xylitol.

This is one beast of a bowl that stands apart from the rest. 


Written by: Marisa Moon, HI-VIBE Research & Development, Content Curator, Primal Health Coach