Why You Need Chaga Tea in Your Life

Many of us are looking for that magic bullet.

That magic pill, or cure all substance that helps us reach our wellness goals faster than we can say, "I think it’s working"!

Only if there were something that we could consume daily that promises to make us more resilient – more resistant to disease – without fear of side effects or legitimacy.

Well, there is.

Japan calls it the “Diamond of the Forest”.  China calls it the “King of Plants” (and I think we can all agree that China is Numero Uno when it comes to using plants as medicine).


CHAGA is a mushroom that grows on the trunks of a birch tree.  That’s it. But it has super powers.  Really it does.

This mushroom has been used for its medicinal abilities for 500 years!  The antioxidant levels in the chaga mushroom rival that of even turmeric and clove.  It is filled with important compounds and bioactives, but most importantly?  The super powers…

Chaga mushrooms contain a powerful substance called betulinic acid. This highly researched component is proven to kill tumor cells, tumor tissue, and also to inhibit tumor growth*! The benefits are extraordinary across the board. People suffering from kidney stones, ulcers, diabetes, HIV, cancers, hair loss, and psoriasis, will find incredible results with regular consumption of the chaga mushroom. And that’s why Chaga is high vibe.

HI-VIBE brings you the CHAGA-CHINO...

...an ultra-potent, divine beverage made from the finest chaga tea, hand-picked in the Alaskan Wilderness by Arctic Chaga.  We mix freshly brewed Chaga with Bulletproof brand cacao butter, raw cacao, organic coconut butter, organic cinnamon, mucuna, and a touch of raw local honey. This is blended together to give you a luscious, not-so-psychedelic, mushroom-tea latte that is both bulletproof and HI-VIBE.  

It's our version of an elevated hot cocoa.  

You’ll be ooo-ing and ahhhh-ing over the comforting buzz you sense from head to toe with each and every sip you take. This Chaga-Chino is a creamy, satisfying, caffeine-free drink that is satiating enough to be a meal replacement.  It's Vegan, Dairy Free, and Paleo.

One of our favorite benefits of the chaga mushroom is that it's an adaptogenic compound.  This means that chaga helps our immune system adapt, on every level, combating the effects of modern stress, and making us more resilient in every situation.  

And why put the chaga mushroom into tea form? You can find chaga supplements all over the internet, but just know that chaga’s delicate enzymes (called SODs) are most likely damaged by the stomach acid when taken as a supplement**, before they can work their magic. So, drinking chaga in hot tea form allows the steam and aroma to carry the nutrients through the oral mucosa, ensuring a more direct path to your blood stream.

HI-VIBE’s Chaga-Chino gives you multiplied benefits and astounding flavor that is unmatched anywhere on Earth.  Have you tried a #ChagaChino yet? Tag us in your photos and share the chaga love!

Written By: Marisa Moon
Research & Recipe Development at HI-VIBE Superfood Juicery

Disclaimer: The information on this blog is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting a healthcare professional.References:

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**Oral supplementation of SODs

Hilary Silverman